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I'm developing a theme for a client, and I want to allow her to change the site title, description, and her password as needed. However, I don't want to give access to all of the other options (e.g. the site URL).

I have some experience creating a theme options panel (via this article on nettuts+), and was thinking it would be great if I could put those options into the panel as well. Would be great to get some direction!

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An easier approach would be to leave the options-general.php sub menu unblocked and define:


in your wp-config.php. When the siteurl and homeurl are defined in wp-config.php the options are grayed out on the options page. This would allow your client to change the site title, description, time zone and registration settings.

enter image description here

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Just create input fields on your options page and on postback do a" update_option('blogname') or update_option('blogdescription') with the contents of your custom fields.

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Also wondering about this - I tried the following with no luck:

// Get setting for site tagline and set it equal to theme option
function of_site_name_tagline_update() { 
add_action('update_option', 'of_site_name_tagline_update');

This is of course assuming my theme option calls are the variables listed above. Even when I enter in a static value - it doesn't update. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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