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If you were configuring a new VPS for a WP website that hasn't launched yet, What technologies would you choose? (website specs below)

Targeting 50-60k hits /mo. and more The website is designed to categorize embedded YouTube videos using a chained select menu (1 query for multiple boxes). Using less than 5 "static" pages. I would like to keep the homepage fairly static so the server can cache it easier.

Starting with a Linode 512mb VPS, can scale up as needed.

What I have planned so far
After scouring the web, it seems that Apache with an Ngnix reverse proxy does not offer any benefits with unless you need Apache for cPanel, or are more comfortable with it (i'm not, just starting out).

Latest Nginx
(also using W3 Total cache in WP)

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There's a post here that's very good about load optimization and performance: Steps to Optimize WordPress in Regard to Server Load?

It might be a good idea to also utilize a CDN for a majority of your page requests.

If you want performance you'll have to minimize requests to your database and setup aggressive caching.

Working with Drupal i know this can be built into your drupal install. I'm not very familiar with Wordpress and if there are capabilities integrated into Wordpress to facilitate reverse proxy requests.

If you're going to use mem-cache you may need more Ram to serve up the page.

You may want to also setup varnish on your server. Setting up varnish alone will give you a big boost; as i've been told. Varnish http://www.varnish-cache.org/

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Thanks Chris!, There are a lot of WP optimizations there... good stuff!! – SkinnyGeek1010 May 7 '11 at 1:18

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