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I want to add a field to the general settings page, but I can not save the field because I can't find a hook for the pages save.

Any ideas?

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You just need to register_setting() on your setting and it will be saved automatically. See the Settings API for more info. Here's a complete example:

function spw_cb() {
    if( !($value = get_option('sprockets_per_widget')) ) {
        $value = 7;

    <input type="text" size="3" name="sprockets_per_widget" value="<?php echo $value; ?>" /> Numeric only!

function spw_init() {
    add_settings_field('sprockets_per_widget', 'Sprockets per Widget', 'spw_cb', 'general');
    register_setting('general', 'sprockets_per_widget', 'intval');
add_action('admin_init', 'spw_init');
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