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On my CMS-style setup, I have the standard search box which searches everything.

However, on my blog page, I would like to also have another search box which searches just the blog... is this possible, and how would I go about it?


I used this code within a text widget which goes on my blog page:

<form  id='searchform' method='get'>
<input style='margin-top:5px;' type='text' name='s' id='s' placeholder='Search (blog only)'>
<input type='hidden' name='post_type' value='post' />

This has the advantage that the results page is styled like the blog, and not the standard search page. (though I don't know how to indicate that the page is showing search results.. how to show this?)

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I would like to STRONGLY encourage you to accept answers to some of your other questions. You currently have a 14% accept rate, which (in my opinion) significantly decreases the amount of effort other members of the site will be willing to put into answering your question. – tnorthcutt Sep 10 '10 at 15:37
Would it work for the blog search box to be limited to searching posts only? – tnorthcutt Sep 10 '10 at 15:39
@cannyboy: Regarding accepting answers, what @tnorthcutt said... – MikeSchinkel Sep 11 '10 at 9:32
thanks for the tip! – cannyboy Sep 11 '10 at 15:46
Hi @cannyboy: No problem, thanks for hanging out here and asking good questions! – MikeSchinkel Sep 11 '10 at 23:02
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Hi @cannyboy:

There's a plugin called Search Unleashed that gives lots of different functionality. One of my clients was using it and I was impressed with the control it gave. Not 100% sure it will give you what you need but it's worth checking out.

If your blog only has post_types of "post" and you don't use them for the rest of the site you could use @TerryMatula's suggestion but with $post_type => 'post' instead, i.e.:

<input type="hidden" name="post_type" value="post" />

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Thanks, I ended up putting this code in the text widget on my blog page (see my updated question) – cannyboy Sep 11 '10 at 15:50

If the Blog is in its own category, you could copy the searchform.php code, and then add this:

<input type="hidden" name="cat" value="{your category id}" />

of course, replacing {your category id} with the actual ID number. You could either put the entire form code into a widget, or directly into your template.

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