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I looked 2 days now but I couldn't figure out how this is done:

I created a new page in wordpress. This is easy. Then I see, that I can put content into the page. This is easy too.

But how can I edit the page and add let's say the googlemaps api to it. I know there is a plugin but for some technical reasons I need to use the normal include of google maps. =)

The name of my page is "About". I can't find any about.html or about.php in my wordpress folder.

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Your best bet is to create a new "physical page" and save it in your theme root folder as a template called something suchlike tpl_aufwind.php like this:

 * Template Name: Aufwind

you will need that code above at the very top of the tpl_aufwind.php so that it shows up in wp-admin dashboard >> pages >> Page Attributes (right sidebar) >> Template

Create Your Own Wordpress Template

your options then if you need to add google maps the normal way is to hardcode it in (or if you know of a plugin where you can use a shortcode try that), but if you are using shortcodes or wish to show more on the page than just the Google Maps api then add a wp loop either above or below your hardcode so at least something on the page can be edited via the admin pages panel

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Thanks, I read the article and it seams what I am looking for. I'll try your suggestion and see if I get going with that. – Aufwind May 3 '11 at 9:12

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