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I am doing a rather complicated custom query on a blog's front page, and trying to show the results using The Loop as shown here: Displaying posts using a custom SELECT query

The query filters posts by a custom field that contains a date (show only posts where that field is set to today or later), and orders them by that date.

The query returns the correct posts, but if I turn them over to The Loop, the results are shown as if I were doing a regular query, not the specialized one (i.e. the wrong posts show up).

The people in this forum thread have the same problem; I utilized the $GLOBALS workaround shown there, but to no avail.

  global $post;
  global $wpdb;

 $querystr = "SELECT wposts.* FROM $wpdb->posts wposts ...... some conditions and joins";
 $eventsPosts = $wpdb->get_results($querystr, OBJECT);

 print_r($eventsPosts); // shows CORRECT data      

 if ($wpdb->num_rows > 0)
  foreach ($eventsPosts as $post) 

    /* workaround */
    $stored_post = clone $GLOBALS['post']; // Why, Wordpress, why?
    $GLOBALS['post'] = $post;              // Why are you making me do such terrible things?

    the_title(); // shows INCORRECT post

    /* workaround: Restore global */
    $GLOBALS['post'] = clone $stored_post;


however, this output gives me the result as if I had done a regular query, not my special one. Ie, the_title() outputs the title of a post that isn't in the query result.

If I test output the custom query result:


I get the correct posts. Only when I use Loop functions, the wrong results are output.

Is there a canonical, correct way of doing this that works?

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Turns out I didn't follow the instructions in the manual to the letter: I seem to have declared global $post too early. I don't entirely see through this but it works fine now using this code:

$eventsPosts = $wpdb->get_results($querystr, OBJECT);

if ($eventsPosts)
   global $post;
   foreach ($eventsPosts as $post) 
     the_title(); // or whatever - the loop functions work
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