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How can I get the search terms highlighted without plugin?

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Add these 2 functions to your functions.php

function search_excerpt_highlight() {
    $excerpt = get_the_excerpt();
    $keys = implode('|', explode(' ', get_search_query()));
    $excerpt = preg_replace('/(' . $keys .')/iu', '<strong class="search-highlight">\0</strong>', $excerpt);

    echo '<p>' . $excerpt . '</p>';

function search_title_highlight() {
    $title = get_the_title();
    $keys = implode('|', explode(' ', get_search_query()));
    $title = preg_replace('/(' . $keys .')/iu', '<strong class="search-highlight">\0</strong>', $title);

    echo $title;


To use the_content for your search results use the function below:

function search_content_highlight() {
        $content = get_the_content();
        $keys = implode('|', explode(' ', get_search_query()));
        $content = preg_replace('/(' . $keys .')/iu', '<strong class="search-highlight">\0</strong>', $content);

        echo '<p>' . $content . '</p>';

In your loop or search.php file call <?php search_title_highlight(); ?> instead of <?php the_title(); ?> and use <?php search_excerpt_highlight(); ?> instead of <?php the_excerpt(); ?>

In your css add the search-highlight class which will highlight all searched words in yellow.

.search-highlight {
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Apply preg_quote() to $keys to prevent your regex from blowing up in case of special characters like parentheses or brackets. – Geert May 1 '11 at 7:09
What about highlighting the search term after the user clicks on the single and goes inside the post? Then the get_search_query() returns an empty string – Maor Barazany May 22 '11 at 23:47
Those should be filters for the_excerpt and the_content instead. Anyway: Nice answer, but the comment from @Geert could be worked in :) – kaiser Oct 13 '12 at 0:25
It apply <strong class="search-highlight"> code in our readmore link also if it have search term, How can we solve that. – user22614 Oct 18 '12 at 7:20
it is replacing the text in the readmore href also? how to fix this? – Naveen Jan 13 '14 at 12:58

The above works well I've run the similar code, but tie the title and excerpt together. But found it breaks when someone enters a space " " either at the beginning or end of a search query term.

So Ive add this line:

$keys = array_filter($keys);

// Add Bold to searched term
function highlight_results($text){
     if(is_search() && !is_admin()){
     $sr = get_query_var('s');
     $keys = explode(" ",$sr);
     $keys = array_filter($keys);
     $text = preg_replace('/('.implode('|', $keys) .')/iu', ''.$sr.'', $text);
     return $text;
add_filter('the_excerpt', 'highlight_results');
add_filter('the_title', 'highlight_results');

Hope this proves to help others.

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The above solutions break the page if the search term appears inside HTML tags. You should use something like:

      $regEx = '\'(?!((<.*?)|(<a.*?)))(\b'. implode('|', $keys) . '\b)(?!(([^<>]*?)>)|([^>]*?</a>))\'iu';
      $text = preg_replace($regEx, '<strong class="search-highlight">\0</strong>', $text);
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thanxs mate you made my day :-) – Agha Umair Ahmed Jan 26 at 11:56

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