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I'm looking for a theme or plugin (free or paid) for WordPress to create a job board site.

I've read this question: Creating a job board using WordPress (for free)?

But I need two (or three) features that do not appear in the suggestions from the previous question:

  • custom fields to job posters, like "salary:"
  • custom comment fields to use like answers from the job seekers or candidates
  • a page for candidates with their portfolio or resume

Thanks ;)

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Hi @Paulocoghi,

I'm not sure if your going to find something that contains all your requirements without some customization.

Take a look at Press75's Tapp Jobs WordPress Theme. The front end job posting form uses Gravity Forms (separate purchase) so all the fields are customizable.

For the questions you can open up comments on the job post type and for the candidate portfolios you could use Gravity forms for a user registration form with plenty of custom fields.

This theme doesn't provide all the features you need but I think it is the closest you can get.

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I haven't tried this one, but it might be worth a shot: http://codecanyon.net/item/wordpress-jobbin/231288

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It does't have a page for candidates – Paulo Coghi Apr 29 '11 at 20:21

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