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Is it possible to reduce the image size of WordPress rss feeds parse to feedburner?

Meaning to say I still want to retain the large image size on the original post page but only display the thumbnail or medium sized image when subscribers are reading it via feedburner.

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If we're talking about thumbnails then yeah, but if you're talking about images inserted in your post then probably not that easy. You'd have to hook to the_content and see if the current view is the RSS view, then run a regexp for images and possibly swap the sizes. WordPress has a naming convention for different registered (add_image_size) sizes so you shouldn't have much trouble there.

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It's very possible, but quite hard to accomplish reliably for all cases (I was working on a plugin for client to do this and more, but sadly the project was never completed).

But if you need this for specific blog that you have control over - then task can be simplified with some constrains - mainly limiting processing to attachments only.

If so:

  • filter the_content_rss, extract all images with regexp;
  • determine attachments IDs for images, see this question and my answer there for some helpful code;
  • retrieve attachment img tag in smaller size and replace currently used version with it.
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I wrote a plugin that does this: http://wordpress.org/plugins/rss-image-resize/

Thanks, @Rarst for getting me on the right path to do this!

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