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I want to manage my WP site in local, then sync it to my git, and then automatically deploy it. In fact, I already have my site in production, and trying to make it work in local. The fact is I can make it work in local, but every link send me to the distant domain : mydomain.com instead of managing localhost.

How should I manage it???


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It sounds like you need to update the database to replace the guids and base URL.

I recommend WP Migrate DB Pro to quickly sync two databases. Otherwise you need to run a few SQL statements to find and replace the old domain with the new domain. In PHPMyAdmin run the following statements from the SQL window. Replace old-domain with your exact distant domain, and the new-domain with your complete local address.

UPDATE wp_options SET option_value = replace(option_value, 'http://www.old-domain.com', 'http://www.new-domain.com') WHERE option_name = 'home' OR option_name = 'siteurl';

UPDATE wp_posts SET guid = replace(guid, 'http://www.old-domain.com', 'http://www.new-domain.com');

UPDATE wp_posts SET post_content = replace(post_content, 'http://www.old-domain.com', 'http://www.new-domain.com');

Doing so will solve 90% of your link issues.

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Well, I'm in the 10%, I ran the query, but nothing changed. I will see the WP Migrate DB Pro, it sounds great ! – Juliatzin del Toro Aug 21 '14 at 18:17
what does it list as your url in General Settings area? – Aris Blevins Aug 21 '14 at 18:54

Now it is working, I've updated wp-config.php and added 2 lines :


Tx !

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