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I have twoo websites on worpdress platform:

On the server there are 2 different folders with same files, same config but one of them has:

define('WP_HOME',    'http://nuovafattoria.ro/');
define('WP_SITEURL', 'http://nuovafattoria.ro/');

so is the same database but different url.

I wanna made some changes on one of them, different logo, background so I need a second options table but the others to remain same for both websites.

How can I have different logo, background and settings on the second website?

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Why do you have this set up? What is it trying to achieve? – Tom J Nowell Aug 19 '14 at 10:37
Both sites will have the same content? If so this isn't neccesary – Tomás Cot Aug 19 '14 at 11:33
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I would look into using HyperDB instead. This would allow you to pull data from several databases while one is replicated as the "master" database.


From the description page of the plugin:

It supports:

  • Read and write servers (replication)
  • Configurable priority for reading and writing
  • Local and remote datacenters
  • Private and public networks - Different tables on different databases/hosts
  • Smart post-write master reads
  • Failover for downed host
  • Advanced statistics for profiling

Hope this helps you.

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