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I have a bunch of widgets that I load from php files, like so:
I added a PHP CODE widget and inside wrote:

include '/wp-content/themes/myTheme/parts/block1.php';

This worked well on my localhost, but for some reason it stopped working
when I uploaded that website online (and switched the home and site_url of course).

Any ideas?

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The correct way to load a PHP file in the theme directory is to use the locate_template function.

<?php locate_template(array('parts/block1.php'),true,false); ?>

The true makes it automatically require it. The false makes it not require_once it.

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I've had similar problems. You may want to use the built in WordPress constants:

include WP_CONTENT_URL.'/themes/myTheme/parts/block1.php';
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I included the file product-menu.php by using

<?php get_template_part( 'product-menu'); ?>

and I thought I'd put a code into the top of it to mark it as being the product menu - but turns out that I didn't

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