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I am using developing a child theme for Woothemes' Canvas.

I am trying to use functions.php in the child theme to only use actions on my custom post type.

This code doesn't seem to be working:

 add_action( 'woo_post_inside_after', 'my_geo_mashup' );
function my_geo_mashup() {
       echo GeoMashup::map();
    if ($post->post_type == 'listings') {
        //My function

add_action( 'woo_post_inside_before', 'listings_nivo' );
function listings_nivo() {
echo do_shortcode('[nivo source="current-post" ]');
 if ($post->post_type == 'listings') {
        //My function

So, I'm unsure how to get the above to work properly and only show these items on the custom post type, or only for the custom post type template single-listings.php (as I only want the map and slider to show on the actual post, not on the blog page (archive.php)

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you need a global $post; within that function before trying to access the contents of $post.

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