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I am being forced to use a SOAP service on a site, and for some of the UI elements it is calling images that I have to put in place.

I can't point them to a theme folder, as I have no control over the HTML, and I am reluctant to use javascript.

the code points to <img src="images/image.jpg" >, I have tried adding an images folder to the root of my WP installation, to no avail.

So my question is where should I put the image so that the HTML can find it?

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The plugin is search for an 'images' folder inside the current working directory. For example if you are in /blogs/, a file looking for images/image.jpg is actually looking for /blogs/images/image.jpg. This can obviously get very messy when re-writing URLs with stuff like /2010/03/blog-title so actually put an image in the specific location is impossible, you will need to edit HTML or at least .htaccass to resolve it.

Look up: <base> tag, mod-rewrites, javascript or editing whatever plugin is creating that HTML (str_replace on the output?). Personally I think you need to look into filtering the HTML you're receiving from the SOAP service to clear that up.

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