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In trying to build 2 linked menus, lets say the hierarchy is like this (In the menu options)

- A
 -- B
 -- C
 -- D
   -- D1
   -- D2
- A1

The first menu I want it to be fixed so I fetched it with 'depth' => 1,.

And the second menu has to be change according the first menu (like if I press A it will show B and C AND D only and when I press B its still has to get open as B, C, D (same if I press D1). I think we got the point of how it should work. As I tried to build this, I only accoplishe to fetch the menu only when you choice from the main menu (Like A or A1). but as you choice deeper in the depth menu its showing hi's childrens. (like if I choice D the sub-menu gets to be D1 and D2) and I dont want it, I tried to check in which depth the menu is, or get anything that will help me make this sort but I couldn't find anything.

here is some code: the function:

function submenu_get_children_ids( $id, $items ) {

    $ids = wp_filter_object_list( $items, array( 'menu_item_parent' => $id ), 'and', 'ID' );

    foreach ( $ids as $id ) {

        $ids = array_merge( $ids, submenu_get_children_ids( $id, $items ) );

    return $ids;

fetching the menu :

$menu = wp_nav_menu(array(
    'container' => false,                           // remove nav container
    'container_class' => 'right_menu',                 // class of container (should you choose to use it)
    'menu' => __( 'top_main_nav', 'bonestheme' ),  // nav name
    'menu_class' => 'main_bar_menu '.$lang.'',               // adding custom nav class
    'theme_location' => 'main-nav',                 // where it's located in the theme
    'before' => '',                                 // before the menu
    'after' => '',                                  // after the menu
    'link_before' => '',                            // before each link
    'link_after' => '',                             // after each link
    'depth' => 1,                                   // limit the depth of the nav
    'fallback_cb' => ''                             // fallback function (if there is one)

$current_page = 0;
// check if the current page has a menu.

foreach(wp_get_nav_menu_items('top_main_nav') as $pagec) {
    if(get_the_title() == $pagec->title) {
        $current_page = $pagec->title;

if($current_page === 0) {
    $current_page = "Home";


$args = array(
    'container' => false,
    'container_class' => 'main_bar_menu',
    'menu'    => 'top_main_nav',
    'menu_class' => 'main_bar_menu',
    'submenu' => $current_page,
wp_nav_menu( $args ); 

I'm trying to find a solution about 2 days now :\ if someone could guide me with that i'd be so thankful!

thanks alot!

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