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The Twenty Fourteen theme was used to create the basis of my own child theme. It's been pretty easy to override, but the left sidebar is proving difficult.

I don't want to remove the sidebar completely, but nothing I do in the CSS file allows me to get rid of the black bar. Even removing the sidebar from a template file leaves an empty black strip where the sidebar used to be.

Has anyone found a way to peacefully override this without throwing out the whole system?

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The sidebar is created in two different places:

  • The black strip is created from .site:before, check line 3910 of style.css
  • #secondary actually displays the sidebar information, check line 3923 of style.css

.featured-content, .site-content, .site-main .widecolumn provide left padding to the content area should you wish to dispose of that too.

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Thanks for the help here – Iso Aug 8 '14 at 16:29

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