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Good day everyone! I would like some help from you since I'm just a beginner in WordPress. I would like to add a submenu under another submenu like this:

  • International
    • China Independent
      • Group Tours
      • DPRK Add-ons
      • Classic Chin
      • YPT Exclusive
      • Ticket Services'

I don't have a problem adding them under 'China Independent' when I go to 'Appearance>Menu', however, they don't show up[maybe because it is indeed a custom theme] and I want them to be seen as drop down list on hover since China Independent is another different page. How can I achieve this?

You can see this image: enter image description here

Or the link: http://www.developerspace.co.vu/

All your help will be greatly appreciated!

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It seems that you are adding the menu levels as separate menus:

  • A "Primary menu" containing the items: "HOME", "DPRK TOURS", "INTERNATIONAL", ... etc.
  • A "Secondary menu" containing the items: "INTERNATIONAL GROUP TOURS", "VOLUNTEER PROGRAMS", ... etc.

However, most themes support at most two such menu-levels, and some even support only one. So, if you are looking to set up a "Tertiary menu" (with items "Group Tours", "DPRK Add-Ons", ... etc.), I doubt that your theme natively supports this!

Instead, you should consider using just a single ("Primary") menu, containing a multi-level structure (with even three or more levels). The WordPress built-in menu-editor allows you to edit this multi-level menu using a simple drag-and-drop interface.

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