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The basic of what I need;

A public page where the visitor have to fill out a form in order to be able to download a large file (the one and the same file for all downloads/users). The file should only be available trough something like a temporary url for a specific amount of time from when the form was submitted. In other words, time limited access to the file for a specific user.

To create and setup the form is no problem, but making the file accessible for a limited amount of time to the user whom submitted the form is a completely different story. I have no good ideas on how to create time limited access. Don't know where to start.

Any ideas on how to create this with WordPress? Plugin suggestions are welcome too.

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a simple way would be to set a cookie with a timestamp when they submit the form, then check for the cookie and valid timestamp when they hit the url to download the file.

a more complicated process would be to generate a unique url key for each user, put that in a db table with a timestamp, then look up the url, check the time and then delete when they hit it for download.

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Thanks for your answer. I think I'll go with cookies. – EyesX Apr 27 '11 at 14:12

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