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I wish to keep a menu item hidden on homepage & vice-versa (user roles don't matter here).


In my Primary Menu, I have created two menu items Get Quote (menu-item-1) and Get Quote (menu-item-2)

The first menu item (menu-item-1)) scrolls down to an anchor on the homepage. The second menu item (menu-item-2) links to an internal domainname/get-quote-page/.

Now as you can understand, I wish to show the first menu (menu-item-1) on the homepage only since it's linked to an anchor present on the homepage only. The second menu item (menu-item-2) needs to remain invisible on the homepage only.

I tried with CSS

/* this is for the menu-item-1*/
.menu-hide {
.page-id-1 .menu-hide {
/* this is for the menu-item-2 */
.page-id-1 .another-menu {

Then I append the classes to the desired menu items.

I wish to know, is the only way to do this or is there a better way to accomplish this.

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

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