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I have a Custom template with a custom query. I want to use additional information about the current taxonomy > description and name (and use it in the HEAD, desc, keywords, etc...)

$productvariable = $_GET['product'];

$term = get_term_by('slug', $productvariable, 'mytaxonomy');
$mytitle = $term->name;
$mydesc = $term->description;
  • How do i make the variable safe from url to get_term_by ($value)?
  • And what if there is no match is it possible to use ELSE?
  • Is it possible to use the values inside HEAD (header.php)?

Is there a security issue when using a GET variable from url with get_term_by?

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you can look at line 874 in /wp-includes/taxonomy.php for the function itself. the value has stripslashes applied and then it's used in a prepared statement, so I'd say it's safe. but there's nothing stopping you from checking the value yourself first if you know what parameters it will always fall within, like ctype_alnum or something. then check if(empty($term)), to see if anything matched and print something else if not.

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