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For example I have "my-plugin" plugin created using class:

class My_Plugin {

    public function __construct() {

     * Other code where I creating plugins admin pagec etc.
new My_Plugin();

So basically functionality is simple - it creates its option pages in admin.

But I want to extend it. For example: one module for adding filter to the_content and second module for adding filter to the_title.

Yes, it is simple may be used in one plugin but this is just for example to understand how to make modular plugin using OOP.

So most idea is - user may download only needed part/module of plugin. So if he need only filtering title then he loading The_Title module.

So question is - how to develop this plugin modules using OOP in WordPress?

Maybe code classes that extend main class or additional classes for every module? If so, please, provide me some examples.

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