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I am fairly new to Wordpress development. Using a site that runs 3.91 with a custom theme that I have inherited from someone else.

My question is fairly simple: I want to add custom menu items that do nothing but point to a specific URL.

On the page linked below - you can see that there is a People menu that contains 3 drop downs.

I set these up all to be custom URL items in the menu, pointing to:

http://instituteforpublicarchitecture.org/people/#board (and #staff and #fellows -- thanks StackExchange for not allowing me to post more links - what a brilliant idea ?!?!)

This is all fine - but now after clearing my cache it seems that they are all being overwritten to point (each one) to the same URL:


Which obviously is not what I need. Any ideas where I might look to see what is overwriting the menu items?

Help is much appreciated!

Thank you - J

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