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How would I bulk change posting date? I want to change about 20 post publish dates at a time in one click

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I just had a similar issue. I used this:

UPDATE `wp_posts` 
SET post_date = "2008-02-13 23:50:30"
WHERE post_status = "publish"
AND post_date >=DATE_SUB(CURDATE(),Interval 5 day)

It is updating the wp_posts table and changing anything published in the last 5 days to the date of 2008-02-13.

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You you mind making your answer WP compatible? $wpdb->query, $wpdb->posts, etc.? –  kaiser Feb 14 '14 at 2:12

Post date/time can't be changed via the Quick-Edit bulk editor. You might edit the SQL directly, if you're comfortable running a query in PHPMyAdmin. Or, you could search for a Plugin?

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