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I want to get the menu location in the wp_update_nav_menu (during menu save action)

  add_action('wp_update_nav_menu', function ($id, $data = NULL)
        error_log( var_export($data, true) );

    }, 10, 2);

However, the data only contains the menu-name, so how can I get the menu location?

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get_nav_menu_locations will give you menu IDs keyed by location which should correspond to the $id also passed with wp_update_nav_menu.

add_action('wp_update_nav_menu', function ($id, $data = NULL){

    foreach( get_nav_menu_locations() as $location => $menu_id ){
        if( $id == $menu_id ){
            echo 'location is ' . $location;

}, 10, 2);
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