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I have a menu I created in WP that registers 'main_nav' so the user can still use the Appearance > Menus screen to edit their menu. However I need to add the login form to the 4th (main) menu items sub menu and I am a bit confused on the best way to do that.

I have browsed the forums online and found this post: How to Hard Code Custom menu items

However it doesn't give me an idea on how to add something to the (4th) menu items sub menu while still retaining the ability for admin to add/edit menu from the Appearance Menus section.

I would rather not program the whole nav menu if possible because I would like for the site admin to still be able to edit other menu items.

What (if any) is the best way to go about adding the wp_login_form() to the 4th menu items sub menu (second position)? An example is lets say I have a menu and one tab is called Members, in that sub-menu I would like to have Register (link), the login form and the last menu item would be forgot password(link).

Any ideas?

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