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I have a site with a blog section (well, I'm trying to create the blog section now..)

WordPress is installed (original install; not transferred from root) in /blog/.

Post links (for example, when I click on the Hello World post that was autogenerated,) lead to the TLD. So if I click on it, instead of taking me to http://www.example.com/blog/?p=1, it takes me to http://www.example.com/?p=1. (The current TLD is occupied with an existing index page, so redirecting everything from / to /blog/ won't work. A new subdomain would also be somewhat inconvenient at the moment, and I'd like to avoid that for aesthetic and site structure reasons, as well.)

I've already configured the site's URL in Settings > General > WordPress Address and Site Address. That did not fix the problem.

WordPress 3.9.1 on PHP 5.2.17.

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