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I had some issues with migration: childtheme that was ranamed and working was automatically renamed back + a lot of wrong absolute apps from even older version on site... Now, after I fixed everithing and changed site url to root, front end is working fine but backend has some UI issues; dropmenues/submenues not working and widget ares are not expanding so widgets can't be edited. Any suggestions?

EDIT: It seams like only widgets are affected... AJAX?

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If anyone will ever have these issues, here are some solutions:

  1. deactivate WP UI plugin - but if you still want to use it, try to modify

    wp_register_script( 'wpui-script-before', site_url( '?wpui-script=before' ), ___something___ );


  wp_register_script( 'wpui-script-before', home_url( '?wpui-script=before' ), _____something_____ );





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