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if If i switch my current wordpress blog theme with a new one, will i lose the SEO i have built up for my site?


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Usually structural changes ( aka html tags/css) only have a temporary effect on SEO. Google understand people change their designs over time and expects as much. The permalink structure and content on the other hand, if changed, can have a noticeable effect.


Seo is just something that needs a common sense approach, nothing cryptic about it.

As long as your new theme doesn't affect the usability of your site, does not re-arrange internal linking schemes or seo friendly urls u can change it with no seo loss.

If it changes the Nav bar or accordion the follow or rank/ link juice might change, only worhty pages need to be placed on the nav bar.


SEO is not a point-value system; it is determined (fairly automatically) by search engines. Disregarding themes for a minute, your pages are not going to change, so their initial SEO rating will not be changed. Outbound links can detriment your SEO to a point. Terrible themes with bad SEO optimization may hurt your site's SEO ranking a bit, but your content is likely to be the much more important determining factor.