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Hay, I've installed WordPress 3 on my server, and duplicated the stock theme and made some amends to it. However, when i add a post, i don't see an option to add a 'featured image'. Has this featured been removed? How do i reactivate it?


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turned out the wordpress version was a little older than i thought! Its all working now. Thanks for the suggestions. – dotty Sep 7 '10 at 14:01
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Your theme must indicate that it supports post thumbnails:

if ( function_exists('add_theme_support') ) {
  // If not the standard size, state your size too
  set_post_thumbnail_size( 200, 200, false );
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It's in 3. When you have a post or a page open, in a two-column view, it's on the right, down a bit.

If it's not there, you might see if the option to display it is unchecked in your screen options (upper right corner).

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