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First, sorry I cannot show any code because I do not know where the actual problem is.

I did not modify anything nor install any plugins, but when I search for a post globally with the default search, I am getting a few correct results back, but the problem is it shows a lot of posts results what are actually not related to the search query.

So if I search for example 'Hello World'.

I get the Hello World post back and under it I get results like:

Football, Basketball related posts and neither the content or title contains Hello World for example.

I searched a lot did not find any solution, did anyone else have this problem? Is there a fix for it?

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If you are using the latest WordPress (3.9.1) and the most up to date standard theme (twentyfourteen 1.1) and are still having these difficulties, I would recommend that you try a fresh install, or if you haven't upgraded yet, do so. Other themes may, but do not necessarily, utilise their own search.

The WordPress search is designed to pick up the combination of the words you search. So 'Hello World' would bring back any page with Hello AND World in, but not necessarily together.

For example. 'Hello' in the title and 'World' in the content brings back a result for 'Hello World'. (This is easily testable if you add an extra page with Hello as the title and World as the content, on a fresh install this will bring back two results).

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