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How to find out if a particular plugin is enabled in a sub-blog in a multisite blog?

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Hm, I am not entirely sure about mechanics here. Usual is_plugin_active() checks if plugin is in active_plugins option.

By this logic you could probably retrieve active_plugins of specific blog with get_blog_option() and check it for plugin.

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Ya what Rarst said, for his example you can do something like the following but it returns an array with active plugin name/plugin_filename.php


You can try using use the global $plugin to get a lot more data.

global $plugins;

$plugins = array(
            'all' => apply_filters( 'all_plugins', get_plugins() ),
            'search' => array(),
            'active' => array(),
            'inactive' => array(),
            'recently_activated' => array(),
            'upgrade' => array(),
            'mustuse' => array(),
            'dropins' => array()
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