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I have currently made a template to list my blog posts

/*template name: Figures */
get_header(); ?>

<?php nectar_page_header($post->ID); ?>

<div class="container-wrap">

    <div class="container main-content">

        <div class="row">

            <div id="post-area" class="col span_9">
                    $args = array(
                        'posts_per_page'   => 5,
                        'orderby'          => 'rand',
                        'post_type'        => 'post',
                        'post_status'      => 'publish'

                    $myposts = get_posts( $args );

                    echo '<ul class="figure-list">';
                    foreach ( $myposts as $post ) : setup_postdata( $post ); ?>

                            <?php echo get_the_post_thumbnail($post->ID, 'medium'); ?>
                            <a href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>"><?php echo $post->post_title; ?></a>
                    <?php endforeach; 
                    echo '</ul>';


            <div id="sidebar" class="col span_3 col_last">
                <?php get_sidebar(); ?>




<?php get_footer(); ?>

What i am unfamiliar of is, can i make a different page to show the results? Because if i click the posts permalink it takes me to the default blog details view and i need to change that

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If you want to customize the single post view template you have to create single.php in your theme and modified it for your needs. See Wordpress template hierarchy –  cybmeta May 9 '14 at 9:43

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