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I've built a pretty big site for a client, which he's chosen to host on Heroku (don't ask me why, I've tried to talk him out of it but he won't listen). This means that all the uploads periodically disappear, which means he's signed up for Amazon S3 so all the upload images and media files can be saved there. I'm using W3 Total Cache to manage this, however I currently have two problems:

  • Because the Settings file for W3 Total Cache is a dynamically created file and will change when settings are altered, it also gets periodically deleted. How can I change the path of this file, or the whole plugin folder, so that it either doesn't disappear from Heroku or is hosted on Amazon S3?
  • When I managed to get the Settings file to work (however I had to leave the work for 30mins or so in-between), I put all the S3 + Cloudfront stuff in to W3 Total Cache, and it verified that it was connected and stuff. However when I went to upload an image to the Media Library, it would still upload to my Heroku install. How can I change the default uploads path so it is my Amazon S3 bucket instead of the default?

I've searched Google for a while now and can't find anything that's specifically for my situation (I've found a lot of guides to Amazon S3, Cloudfront, W3 Total Cache, and Heroku but none of them together in the same guide).

I'd be incredibly appreciative of some help and advice on what I should do. Thanks for any help.

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%) what's up with "periodically disappear"? I don't think one could do anything reliably under such conditions. It's been a while since I last used W3TC, but I think it's CDN features made for mirroring media to CDN rather than completely replacing local storage with it (might be mistaken on this one). –  Rarst Apr 28 at 21:02

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