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I changed options in my theme (style settings, to keep it simple just say switched color from blue to red) and it seems nothing happened. After some trial and error I figured out that when I am logged in I always see the blue theme. When I delete my cookies, I see the red theme until I sign up again - until I delete my cookies again. It doesn't change anything when I log in as another user.

Logged in: blue, Logged out: red

The settings I changed are commited to database.

I use the w3 total cache plugin. Caching for logged in users is disabled. Even when I clear all cache the behaviour don't change. When I disable the plugin or delete the ../wp-content/cache folder I always (logged in and out) see the old, blue theme. Additional: When I disabled the plugin I ahve to delete my cache/cookies to see the new,red theme again.

I also disabled all plugins and checked the behaviour, it is still the same as described before.
Wordpress and all plugins are up-to-date.

Okay I'm aware that it's unlikely to answer this question w/o more information. But I'm running out of ideas and hope you have some things I could check for errors.

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