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Some times, when we work on custom wordpress themes, we need required pages. For example - custom login page. Some times, when user change slug, page template or something else - it a very difficult to find. Or user can delete this page :) Also this can be problem, when you have custom links for this pages on another pages. I want to find solution for manage this. I can paste our code that we use for this.

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Please add comments not just down grade the question :) thanks! – NetWeight Company Apr 10 '14 at 2:51

Themes should not create content. Ever. That is plugin territory.

When you activate the plugin, search for pages with a special custom field. Its name should start with an underscore, so it doesn’t show up in the Custom Fields metabox, for example _pluginslug_required_page. If there are no such pages, create your own.

But I would question the underlying problem. Why do you need those pages? There are very few cases where that is really needed, a cart page in an e-commerce plugin maybe. A theme should work without such an requirement.

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Hello @toscho! We are your fans! Thanks for your answer, I want to add more information to you! For example we have custom templates for custom pages like(here the slug of pages): "login", "registration", "forgot-password", "login-2", "registration-2". If well put a link to login page at registration page like code get_permalink('login') ` - If we remove this page - this link will be displayed, but not work fine(generate 404 error). Same things if i change the slug of the page. Another problem - if page will be deleted - we`ll not been notified in any ways(like errors, etc.) – NetWeight Company Jul 15 '14 at 18:55
can you tell me, how was created pages like cart, checkout at WooCommerce plugin? With custom post meta field? – NetWeight Company Jul 15 '14 at 19:07

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