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BuddyPress and WordPress store profile information in 2 separate locations, and there's a process to sync profile data between the 2 tables. However, this is pretty much limited (from how I'm reading the code) to a single name field.

What's the best way of adding other profile fields to this sync process (I'm particularly thinking of the description, and various contact fields) - looks like I'll need to create a function to hook into xprofile_updated_profile and user_profile_update_errors - is this right?

Is there an elegant way of establishing the mapping between WP usermeta and BP xprofile_data, or do I have to create the records representing profile fields in xprofile_fields manually?

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I suggest if you want to use BuddyPress always, just ignore/remove WordPress profile informations and you can: Redirecting User to Their Buddypress Profile when They access their wordpress profile(wp-admin/profile.php): http://buddydev.com/buddypress/playing-with-buddypress-and-wordpress-some-codes-for-the-site-admins/

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