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I am looking to extend the functionality and more importantly improve the design with post thumbnails on main page, beautify post metadata, etc.

If you know a good child theme for twenty ten, please share. Thanks.

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My VoodooPress site is a twentyten child theme. Has some pretty cool functions going on behind the scenes. But pretty much every post on the site is about things to do with a twenty ten child theme. For instance, the things you ask about:

Working with thumbnails

Adding image sizes

etc. Hopefully you can find some help on there!

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http://wpweaver.info/themes/weaver/ - this theme has push button customizations for twentyten as well as a bunch of child themes.

Personally one of the nicer twentyten child themes is - http://www.wpbeginner.com/free-wordpress-themes/speaky-a-free-twenty-ten-child-theme-for-wordpress/

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This site has a large list of child themes for Twenty Ten http://zeaks.org/category/twenty-ten-child-themes/ There's also a basic child theme with some features built in, layouts, slider, header options etc http://zeaks.org/twentyten-options-theme-1-5-download/

Weaver is also very nice, but it's not a child theme anymore.

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