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I'm new to wordpress and so far with a limited knowledge of PHP, I was able to build up a theme from scratch. I removed the compression for my homepage images for a better quality of pics. Now, the thumbnails of very small sizes on either side of the trending pane are a little too heavy and I'd like to compress them alone.

This is how my homepage looks: (All the images are not compressed by default)

Home Page_Geekswipe

I need to compress A and C only. I'm not sure how to do it. Is there a way to compress thumbnails based on the size it is displayed?

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Are these different image sizes registered with add_image_size or the same image sizes just downscaled with CSS? –  kraftner Apr 4 at 8:57
What do you mean when you say "compression"? size reduction? something else? –  Mark Kaplun Apr 4 at 9:10
Take a look at Image quality based on image size. –  ialocin Apr 4 at 9:54
@kraftner, yes it is! –  Karthikeyan KC Apr 4 at 21:04
@MarkKaplun Size reduction :) –  Karthikeyan KC Apr 4 at 21:04

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