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I installed wordpress in the subdiretory "/de" and activated multisite features. The Main-Blog has the url/path: mysite.de/de

Now i want to add a second site for the english language with the following url: mysite.de/en

But after i added the site, the subdirectory for the english site was set as: mysite.de/de/en

Any ideas how i can get these site urls: mysite.de/de mysite.de/en mysite.de/fr


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It would be far easier to maintain the blog by using a good WordPress translation plugin.

WPML (http://wpml.org) is my favourite plugin for the task. If you prefer not to pay anything QTranslate is also a good option.

Both plugins allow you to have sub domains (en.mysite.de) or language folders (mysite.de/en).

Best of luck!

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