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I created an array with some default settings in a plugin, and want to allow it to be replaced from functions.php in a theme without using stored data (eg. add_option). I want this to be just a hook with new values.

example array inside plugin:

$default_settings = array(
   'key_one' => 0,
   'key_two' => 1

I need to allow this to be changed from a theme's functions.php, so a developer can add something like this:

function my_function(){
  $default_settings = array(
       'key_one' => 1, //changed value
       'key_two' => 1

If a developer makes this call, then I want the new values replacing the old array inside the plugin. Any help is appreciated.

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You are already pretty close. Extending your example:

In your plugin put this:

$default_settings = array(
   'key_one' => 0,
   'key_two' => 1
$settings = apply_filters( 'example_filter', $default_settings);

Then a theme can change it like this:

function my_function($settings){
   $settings['key_one'] = 1;
   return $settings;
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Just make sure to call apply_filters at an appropriate time. – still_learning Mar 21 '14 at 21:00
thanks for this, I do believe I have to call at a time like still_learning mentions, I can't see the new results. I added print_r($settings); right after $settings = apply_filters.... but I'm still getting the old values. Example: Array ( [key_one] => 0 [key_two] => 1 ) – Alex Pena Mar 21 '14 at 21:37
sorry, just figured out what i had to do, thanks. I added this into a new function, then an action with init. Works now. – Alex Pena Mar 21 '14 at 21:41

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