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I've installed a plugin for my client called uTubeVideo, but he has a user role of editor so the option page of the plugin won't display for him.

Initially, i thought I could fix this using the if( current_user_can('editor')) and adding the page using add_menu_page();. This because I already had limited his backend using this function:

add_action('admin_init', 'my_remove_menu_pages');

function my_remove_menu_pages()
    global $user_ID;
    if (current_user_can('editor')) {
        remove_menu_page('edit.php?post_type=slide'); // Slides
        remove_menu_page('edit.php?post_type=portfolio'); // Portfolio
        remove_menu_page('edit-comments.php'); // Comments
        remove_menu_page('plugins.php'); // Plugins
        remove_menu_page('themes.php'); // Appearance
        remove_menu_page('users.php'); // Users
        remove_menu_page('edit.php'); // Posts
        remove_menu_page('tools.php'); // Tools

Sadly I can't get this to work, does anyone know how I can fix this?

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