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I use this snippet for breadcrumbs, and it works well, but not as i need it.

    function test_breadcrumbs() {
    if(!is_front_page()) {
    echo '<nav class="breadcrumb">';
    echo '<a href="'.home_url('/').'">Home</a><span class="divider">/</span>';
    if (is_category() || is_single()) {
        the_category(' <span class="divider">/</span> ');
        if (is_single()) {
            echo ' <span class="divider">/</span> ';
    } elseif (is_page()) {
        echo the_title();
    echo '</nav>';

It shows this:


I use not the index.php for blogpostings, i use for all pages own templates. This works so far. But my nav-structure is a bit different as the breadcrumbs shows:

Home -> Page -> Childpage -> post

The posts on childpages are all in one category. I.e:

  • home
    • page 1
      • childpage1.1 (template cat.1) [displays all posts from cat.1] -> Single Post cat.1
      • childpage1.2 (template cat.2) [displays all posts from cat.2] -> Single Post cat.2
      • childpage1.3 (template cat.3) [displays all posts from cat.3] -> Single Post cat.3

i need breadcrumbs they show it like this:

Home -> Page -> Childpage -> Post

not like this (how its now):

Home -> Childpage -> Post

How can we do that?

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