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I am trying to get the Buddypress notification bubble to appear in one of my two navigation bars. I was given this code to place in my functions.php which does everything, except it displays in both menus rather than the specific one I require.

My menu's area "top" and "primary" I want the notification to only appear in top. Can anyone tell me how to do this? I've tried various ways from snippets of code I've seen online, mainly around adding a search bar to a specific menu, and it either hides from both, or makes no changes.

if ( is_user_logged_in() ) {    add_filter('wp_nav_menu_items','add_notification_to_custom_menu', 2, 2);
function add_notification_to_custom_menu( $items, $args ) {
$notifications = bp_notifications_get_notifications_for_user( bp_loggedin_user_id() );
$count         = ! empty( $notifications ) ? count( $notifications ) : 0;
if ($count > 0 ) {
    $alert = 'alert';
    $pending = 'pending-count';
} else {
    $alert = 'no-alert';
    $pending = 'count';
return $items."<li id='menu-bp-notifications' class='menupop'><a   href='".bp_loggedin_user_domain()."notifications/' class='ab-item'><span id='ab-pending-notifications' class='" . $pending . " " . $alert . "'>".$count."</a></li>";

return $items;
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I'm not much help here, but I can guess the solution:

Both menus will have wp_nav_menu_items so thats why you are returning your function for both of them.

function add_notification_to_custom_menu( $items, $args ) {
   var_dump($items); // we dont need this, but anyways
   var_dump($args); // here should be a name of your menu

rewrite your function like this to see if $args contains something useful information, like menu name or ID.. everything will do

Then we can write a condition

if($args['menu'] == 'top') {
   // do it

hope this works

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