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I'd like to hear about the security concerns for storing FTP details in wp-config.php on a shared server.

It doesn't 'feel' safe to me. I'm using ManageWP to control sites on a shared server and have to input the FTP details manually for each update.

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I would consider it somewhat safe since that's where your database connection information is also stored. One could easily ruin your website by deleting your whole database if they had access to that file.

There are a couple of things you can do to increase security:

  1. Move the wp-config file one level outside the root. Wordpress knows to look for the file there.

  2. Make sure your server is hiding your root/parent index. That's an option you can usually change yourself in cpanel.

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Thanks for your reply -- I was aware of those options. Of the couple of instances were rogue access was gained to a few of my sites it was down to other users' FTP credentials being compromised on the shared server. So I'm a little twitchy about hard coding them into a file but I suppose once a hacker had FTP access like that, it wouldn't make any difference. – Dave McCourt Mar 10 '14 at 18:26

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