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I guess the title says all. I'm trying to change the search icon of the twenty fourteen theme, because I need a darker one.

I tried like this:

.search-toggle {
        background: url('http://www.citizen-science.at/wordpress/wp-content/themes/cs/img/search-icon.png');

which results in nothing.

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This is more of a simple CSS question than actually related to WordPress.

However, you need to change your style.css. As TwentyFourteen does not use images, but pseudo css-classes, you need to change this as well:

.search-toggle {
    background: #fff url('http://www.citizen-science.at/wordpress/wp-content/themes/cs/img/search-icon.png') no-repeat;
    background-size: 30px;
    background-position: 10px;
.search-toggle:before {
    content: "";

By the way, your background image is huge. Try providing a smaller one.

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Thanks, working :) – 4ndro1d Mar 5 '14 at 11:59

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