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Is it possible to run more than one site on the same WordPress core and a set of plugins?

I want to be able to have custom plugins and themes for each site, but have a base set that is the same, to make it easier to maintain.

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Do you want to have the files only once or is it okay to have sort of packages and a repository that your several sites are using? – hakre Sep 5 '10 at 8:18
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Yes, it is possible.

You can setup subdomains sites like this: subdomain1.domain.com, subdomains2.domain.com.

Then, after you setup the network, use a domain mapping plugin to setup a domain name for each of them. subdomain1.domain.com becomes domain1.com, subdomain2.domain.com becomes domain2.com, etc.

There are several domain mapping plugins out there:

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Maybe this WordPress MU Domain Mapping (Wordpress Plugin) is handy for that? Just like running a Multisite installation and offer Plugins in the Network.

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If you're on a linux platform and you have SSH access to modify or do work inside the server, maybe creating symlink to the core or plugin would work. Just a thought though :)

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