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I am using Advanced Custom Fields for a registration form on Classipress and I have indicated that the Business Name, First Name, Last Name and Type of owner are required fields.

However, when I test the registration form it allows me to skip all of those and go directly from password to captcha. I want those fields captured to assure myself that the businesses are legitimate for the use of the site since I can't always tell from the email address.

A response I got in a classipress forum was the script 'jquery-ui-autocomplete is not loaded' and that I should check to see if cp_load_scripts had been modified. The response also said the coad I was looking for was "wp_enqueue_script ('jquery-ui-autoomplete');

I understand php only minimally and don't know where to begin looking for or adjusting any of this script. . . does anyone have a minute to explain what it is -- and where to look -- and perhaps why. . . thanks very much Unfortunately this is one of those places where a little knowledge is a dangerous thing -- but it isn't enough!

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wp_enqueue_script() documentation would be a start, there is unfortunately quite a bit of material about this for "a minute" explanation. :) – Rarst Mar 2 '14 at 19:41
Check to see if you're getting javascript errors by going to your site using firefox or chrome. Right click and select inspect element. Now click on the console tab and see if there are any errors there – gdaniel Mar 2 '14 at 20:04

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