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My theme is in a folder called "mytheme" and the "Theme Name" in the style.css is "My Theme".

From that, I'm guessing that the option "template" in the options table is a reference to the folder, not the "Theme Name".

I'm asking because I want to be sure that the value I should pass to switch_theme() is a reference to the foldername mytheme, not the theme name "My Theme" ?

switch_theme('mytheme', 'style.css')
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You'r right. The template-tag is based on your directory name. Same goes for a child-theme, which has a base theme as parent.

Check out the search_theme_directories() function for more information.

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thanks, just wanted validation of my assumptions there. I think what was unclear to me is when the docs refer to "Theme Name", they usually are referring to the "folder name", not the "Theme Name" specified in style.css – Scott B Mar 31 '11 at 15:27
@ScottB You're welcome. ;) The docs are sometimes a bit confusing. I would recommend to read through the sourcecode. Just use a good IDE with declaration support, so you can jump around the defined funtions and see what they are doing in the background. – rofflox Mar 31 '11 at 15:37

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