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Let me start with explaining the current situation.

I have a WordPress multi website there is a main website which has links to 4 sub sites. This was mainly done because the sub sites have different menu's. Currently we are changing the website and adding functionality. This function need to be added to different sub sites. Here lies the issue. This functionality can only be installed on a single site.

I have found a plugin which can change the menu per page & post (menu swapper) this can solve the issue we have (create one site with one db). Only this menu isn't working with the WPML plugin. If I disable the WPML plugin it works again.

My question is: is there a way to get this module working with the WPML plugin. If this isn't possible is there some other way to get multiple menu's working.


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I think you would be best to consult with WPML developers or professional specializing in it about it. –  Rarst Feb 26 at 18:59

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