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I'm developing a wordpress.org site with a newspaper custom theme.

I have a sidebar section named 'Opinion' working like a blogroll: a list of posts with title and author; the most recent post is at the top of the list and only one post per author is displayed. Authors are real wordpress users and the author name displayed is fetched from the wp user account.

Currently, 'Opinion' is implemented as a heavy database query. I believe this is degrading performance, specially in common access to front page, where 'Opinion' is displayed.

I need to change the implementation.

My requirements: behave like currently it does, displaying post title, author name, updating as a blogroll and, importantly, being able to customize html/css. Perhaps, if possible, being able to display some extra meta data attached to the author posts.

How can I do it?

I can only think of taking advantage of wordpress feeds. I could use or create some blogroll and register 'blogs' using the author feed urls:

www.mywpsite.com/author/john/feed www.mywpsite.com/author/smith/feed www.mywpsite.com/author/mary/feed

and son forth.

But I have no idea if I will be able to get the author name, and also customize the html/css.

Is it possible to implement 'Opinion' this way or by any other means?

Thank you!

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